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A one-of-a-kind responsive publishing platform

WP-Magazines is a powerful, WordPress based, responsive publishing tool. Whether you’re pursuing challenging marketing goals, have beautiful design ambitions or own unique premium content. We will help you achieve your goals, fulfill ambitions and publish your content in an effective mix of digital magazines and instant articles.

Quick start in 5 minutes with our pre-designed magazine templates and instant article format.

Immediately start creating & publishing your story. Our user- friendly software, pre-designed templates and the drag & drop visual composer, helps you easily publish your own online magazines in a few hours. Choose your lay-out and start by simply adding your own content.

Responsive Digital Publishing

An online magazine exceeds all known ways to communicate online with your audience. It’s a medium filled with interactive content and rich media. And it’s all up to you how to bring your content to life. For example; you can add video’s, images and slideshows. Use interactive components like poll’s, questionnaires and comments to engage your audience. There’s a lot more possible than in your regular print magazine. And because it’s responsive, it’s automatically compatible with all devices! Let’s start digital publishing today!

Start publishing

Start publishing your new Magazine today! Create your site in 30 seconds. It’s that easy!

Combining digital magazines and instant articles

Issue based digital magazines add a great deal of inspiration to your online communication mix and increase the user experience greatly. When combining digital magazines with instant articles (or blog posts as you may call it), you will be able to increase reading times even more. It gives you the opportunity to publish high quality content in a more frequent and effective way and by more than just one person. This will help you balance the work load for your team.

Both magazines as well as instant articles can be published using categories and tags. It will make your readers be able to jump from magazine page to instant article and from instant article back to a magazine page based on similar content.